Thursday, 30 January 2014

Elianto Matte Berry No.2 Red Berry

To be honest, even i'm a lip junkie, but i don't really like wearing lipstick, i only like lipstick that has matte finish, a real matte finish, my favorite brand for matte lipstick are NYX and Wet&Wild, both of them are from western brand, it become pricey when it come to Indonesia. So when i was visiting Elianto's store back months ago, this thing really catch my eyes because of the cute packaging, when i swatched all 5 shades that available, i'm straightaway love this shade. Once again, you can never have to much red lipstick right? Haha.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Peripera Tint Water No.1 Cherry Juice

Peripera are one of my favorite brand, because they have 황정음 as their ambassador back then. I've been own this tint for quite some times, but i don't really use this tint a lot, i only use this whenever i getting bored by my other tints. And i think i don't really need to talk since i believe you guys already familiar with this tint, right? 

Despite the good color payoff and sturdy packaging, the reasons why i don't really like this lip tint are whenever i wear this tint it'll also make my teeth red, and the stain is quite hard to remove, also the brush applicator are too big thick so it always absorb more product, so we need to be careful whenever we try to applying it. Since its water based formula, so it'll make your lip drying.

This tint water available in 5 shades, all of them have a good pigmentation with a good prices. 

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Saturday, 25 January 2014

Tony Moly Cat Chu Wink No.3 Cha Cha Orange

I always think when it come to a lip tint, Tony Moly has the most pigmented lip tint ever. When Tony Moly first launched Cat Chu Wink's series, as a cat lover, i immediately pre-ordered this series. Since the first 2 shades available are look like the Party Lover's which i already own, so i only bought the third shades which is Cha Cha Orange.


Love the brush tip on this series, as you can see it make us more easier to applying it on our lip, also the color payoff really good and buildable. Tony Moly never disappointing me with their lip tint's quality.

Lots of love, XOXO

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Innisfree Eco Fruit Tint 01. Cherry (Contain Raspberry Extract)

Been own this tint for quite some time, but i don't really use it because i already own so many tint that has similar shade as this one, but lately i've been loving this tint, because it blend nicely on my lip and i use it for base lip makeup to create gradient lip.

The main reason why i like this tint probably because of the brush, the brush tip quite small so it easier to spread the tint on small lip, also the tint itself are pretty easy to blend and buildable, Its also don't really make my lip drying even its water formula. 

This Eco Fruit Tint only available in 2 different shades which are red and orange. I wish they could make more shades on this series.

Have a nice day ahead everyone. XOXO

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex My Lip Eat Cherry Aqua Tint No.1 Juicy Cherry & No.2 Juicy Red

Happy new year everyone! Well, its kinda late, but this is my very first post in this 2014. Lets get start it.

I've been a big fan of lip stain since the very first time i knew this kind of magic thing exist. One of my favorite lip stain are from The Face Shop. I can't really remember when i bought this, but i've been using this tint ever since.  Also it come out with 2 different shades that i'll be reviewing both of them here.

The first shade is Juicy Cherry, which is a light pink with orange undertone and the second shade is Juicy Red, a red color with cool undertone. While the Juicy Cherry pretty sheer, and the Juicy Red more intense and build-able on my lip. Both of tint are very easy to blend by using their own brush, so it pretty convenient to bring this tint around, to do touch up while hangout, also the packaging itself quite sturdy.

Even its aqua tint, but this tint can be very drying on your lip, so make sure to wear lipbalm afterward, its one of my trick to make the tint stay more longer and keep my lip moist, win-win solution. If you applying lipbalm first before applying the tint, the tint wont really absorb on our lip and it might become messy.

So that all for today. Have a nice day. XOXO