Thursday, 21 February 2013

Get it beauty Self 고양이 강아지눈 아이메이크업 Cat and Puppy Makeup Look

Cute puppy's eyes and sexy cat's eyes

I love watching video tutorial from Get It Beauty, because even without understand their language we can easily know step by step how to do a certain look, you can just type "Get It Beauty Self" on youtube, and bunch of GIB's videos will appear.

This time i'll share with you one of Get It Beauty Self videos that really amaze me, i never realize that the eye makeup that i like to wear actually called 'Puppy Eyes', really funny i thought my 'signature' eye makeup called cat eyes -_-''

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Innisfree Makeup Look Book Vol.3 - Special Makeup Gift Set

Long time no blogging guys!! >o<. Im totally busy these past weeks because of the exam, i've been studied really hard (and playing more hard too) these past weeks, and half of the exam's result already come out, and it turn out that i have straight A for 5 subjects, need to wait the other subjects as well, hope it will turn out this great too >o<. Really need to boost my GPA, so i can graduate soon :D. 

And its not too late to say happy chinese new year and of course happy valentine day too! So today i'll talk about Innisfree Makeup Look Book Vol. 3 that i've got from Etude Skincare N Cosmetic (READ HERE)

And for this time its not a review, but a preview over this Makeup Look Book :D hope you like it! ^^~