Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Wardah Eye Shadow E Palette - Swatch and Review

So so so last month i accompanied my bestfriend to makeup counter at mall cause she need to buy some thing for herself, and i end up buying some random stuff for myself too T.T, one of them is this eyeshadow palette from Wardah. Wardah is one of local brand from Indonesia, and actually this is my first time purchasing their product. So im really excited.

So Wardah eye shadow come up with 14 kind of 3in1 eye shadow palette
Taken from:

And mine is the E series which contain beautiful blue, greyish blue, and grey colors that catch my eyes when first seeing it wtf, love at the first sight >.<

back side
Ingredients: sericite, methylhydrogenpolisilaxane, mica, glyceryl, trioctanoate, diisostearyl malate, talc, zinc myristate, dimethicone, polymethyl metacrylate, zinc stearate, dimethiconol stearate, squalane, titanium, dioxide, methylmethacrylate crosspolymer, plydimethylsiloxane fluid (dimethicone), quaternium-15, aluminum starch octenylsuccinate, isopropyl titanium trisostearate, isopropyl myristate, synthetic flourphlogopite.

May Contains: CI77019, CI77499, CI77891, CI19140, CI75470, CI15850:1, CI77492, CI45410:2, CI77510, CI77288, CI77007, CI42090, CI77742, CI15850, CI15850:2

came out with an applicator
If i may say, the applicator is much better than the sariayu's one, and below are the swatches on my hand. And i must say its not as pigmented as the sariayu's eyeshadow one, but i cant say its not pigmented, the quality just good.

with no eye-primer
# They have many kind of pretty colors to choose :D and really suit my taste
# Its an Non - Photosensitisation eyeshadow, which mean this eyeshadow is dont react over heat
# Halal >.< lol okay
# Matte finishing

As far, none.

PRICE: IDR 34.500 / $3.9

BUY AGAIN: Yes, but if i have some extra money >.<

I just love how their eyeshadow colors come out with so many soft colors which is totally my style >.<. Too bad, you may find nothing on their official website about more info of this eyeshadow. Well, have a nice day everyone, and comments are sooo much welcome!
Thank you, and take care :)

Lots of love,

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Etude House AC Clinic Intense Trial Kit Review

Today im gonna share my current favorite skincare items from Etude House, its the AC Clinic line :D. I've already use their cleanser since last year (combine it with my TFS Clean Face Acne Solution Cleanser and TFS Blackhead Ex Cleanser) and i have no complaint with it. Since in my previous previous post i've already told you that i'm suffering from breakout on my left face, and i've already despondently with it T.T cause all product that i've tried really cant reduce the breakout (but thanks its not make the breakout even worst >.<). So when i purchase this trial kit i dont have highly expectation on this products, but i dont mind to give it a try thou. BUT, im wrong. This product seriously works amazingly great on me. I've only use this product since its arrived at my house on this sunday, and its already reduce and heal my breakout >.< quite impressing :))

So lets see what this trial kit consist of. :)

Come up with this little plastic case, easy to bring while travelling

Consist of 6 kind of items
1. AC Clinic Daily Acne Foam Cleanser 30ml
2. AC Clinic Daily Toner 25ml
3. AC Clinic Daily Lotion 25ml
4. AC Clinic Intense Pink Powder Spot 5ml
5. AC Clinic Intense Pink Powder Water 5ml
6. 8 Cotton buds

1. AC Clinic Daily Acne Foam Cleanser 30ml
Like i said, i've already use this cleanser (i have the full size of this) since last year and i have no complain with it. Works nice on me. When my first time used it, i really hate the smell. Its smell like herb medicine, but since i get used with this product, i dont really mind again with the smell.

2. AC Clinic Daily Toner 25ml

3. AC Clinic Daily Lotion 25ml

4. AC Clinic Intense Pink Powder Spot 5ml
5. AC Clinic Intense Pink Powder Water 5ml
The Pink Powder Spot smells like Caladine lotion in my opinion, quite similar >.< but its works great to reduce my breakout >.<

6. 8 Cotton buds
# works awsome on me
# easy to bring


Step by step:
Foam Cleanser --> Toner --> Lotion --> Pink Powder Spot --> Pink Powder Water

Buy Again?
Overall, i really love this product cause its works great on me. Im gonna purchase their full size later on >.<

Where to buy?
I purchased mine from Whoopie Pockie. The owner kind enough to give me some discount >.<. You can check it on their ready stock album here. For the price, its only 115IDR or $13.0, uh i have no complain when it come out for my skincare, cheap for 6 items on travel size but works awsome.

Well, if you suffering from breakout like me, why dont you give this product a try?? ^^!
ㅋㅋㅋ Have a great day everyone dont forget, comments are soo much welcome :)


Sunday, 27 May 2012

Baviphat Auto Eyeliner No. 2 and No. 3 Reviews

Hello everybody! Im finally back :D, i already put way too many reviews on draft, so i think at least i need to publish one of them. So today, im gonna reviewing my current eyeliner that i'm wearing everyday, its from Baviphat, Auto Eyeliner in Black and Brown. Honestly, i only owned one 'ink'(what we called that??) eyeliner, and one gel eyeliner that i rarely used, because honestly i always end up make my eyes line 'messy' using those two kind of eyeliner(?) sooo yup auto eyeliner is officially my boyfriend now (wtf yea).

This auto eyeliner come up with 3 colors, (1)White, (2)Black, and (3)Brown, so i only bought the black and brown one, and one of this cost 2,500원 or 20.000IDR or about $2,2, so yea its madly cheap ^^~

Brown and Black :D

Closer look for the logo, so cheap xD

Come out with a eyeliner brush.

Closer look for the brush

And below are the swatches on my hand.

This eyeliner not come up with a 'no smudge and waterproof' claim on it, so i dont have any expectation on it, but as you can see on the picture above, omo i quite impressed with the quality of this cheap eyeliner. Totally love!!

# Cheap! Cheap! Cheap!
# Less smudge<3
# The color look very natural, perfect for daily
# Come out with a brush<3

# Cheap design >.< (lol, but thats okay compare to their prices)
# Wish it come out with more shade to choose >.<

BUY AGAIN? yeeeeees definitely

Sorry for the MIA >.< i just asdfgasd annoying with all my final assignment design a house werewef and other stuffs like that, so i wish i can back blogging sooon..

Have a nice day!

Dita :))

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Baviphat Funky Look One Color Eyeshadow No. 7 & No. 8 Review and Swatches

So today gonna be a quick review over Baviphat Funky Look One Color Eyeshadow in No. 7 and No. 8. I always end up sdfgfdsd annoying when i cant find any review over products that i wanted to try. I always searching some reviews first before decide buying something, and yes its really hard to find reviews over not-that-popular-product-from-not-that-popular-brand generally in english, always end up search it with on naver *-* and somehow, even i can read korean or understand it but im just lazy to think (wtf the excuse lol), so i hope all my reviews (esp. from korean brand) here will help you out!

I dont know too, why im buying this product, lol, back then i just want to have some single eyeshadow, and this one actually pretty cheap (other brand has cheap eyeshadow too thou) im soo blind at that time, just choose random one.

For this range their have 10 shades of eyeshadow, and i got mine in no. 7 Deep brown and no. 8 green. and actually i dont order the green one, i ordered for the silver one, but im so stupid and didnt realize that no. 8 actually green color not the silver one *o* 아이쿠 참 ㅋㅋ

This eyeshadow comeout with this cheapy packaging, i was like :| why sdfdsdf, lol. but compare with the price well i wont complaint again, lol.

The backside of the packaging...

And below are the swatches

It has like (omg how to write it, im not an eyeshadow expert >.<) matte shimmering finish. (?) well you can see it on the swatches above.

And yes, its pigmented eyeshadow, and above are the swatches without primer. and i pretty impressed. For 3,300won or near 26,4IDR or $3,3 this eyeshadow pretty good too. But if we compare with our proudly local brand, well this eyeshadow quite pricey for one single eyeshadow.

And below are all the 10 shades that i took from their site here!

and wtf, just realize it now, the no. 2 actually no. 1 and the no. 1 actually no. 2 sorry for the confuseness.(its 2:15am right now and their colors quite similar, kekeke sorry for the excuseeee *-*)

No.1 White
No.2 White (slighly dark than the no. 1 i think)
No.3 Bronze
No.4 Peach
No.5 Pink
No.6 Brown
No.7 Deep Brown
No.8 Green
No.9 Blue
No.10 Grey

OMG, how beautiful is the peach one *-* omg, i shouldnt just choose random colors over this back that time..*0*

Already 2:20am, i should sleep seriously. ㅋㅋ Well, have a nice day everyone!!!! Comments are sooo much welcome!!! ^^~ Take care. XOXO

Lots of love,

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Holika Holika Holy Berry Tint No. 1 Strawberry

So this is my current favorite liptint now, from Holika Holika Holy Bery Tint in No. 1 Strawberry, this tint come out with 3 shades which are No.1 Strawberry, No. 2 Raspberry (lol i was like wtf is 라즈베리 first, then i found out its raspberry, lol i thought its rajeberry, what kind of fruit is that rajeberry *-*), and No. 3 Orangeberry.

front look!
No. 1 Strawberry ^^
bottom look, it has date when it being manufactured

the applicator
swatches on hand!!

# Easy to spread
# Hygienic
# Color turn out very natural
# Has strawberry's fragrant
# Slightly taste a lil bit sweet i think (wtf lol)
# Cheap, around 52IDR or $6.5

# will dry your lip like any other tint 
# sooo cheapy design ㅋㅋ

Why im saying its hygienic? Cause we dont need to make dots on our lip first like Tony Tint then spread it out with our finger. We just need to spread it out evenly with the applicator, dont be afraid with the bright tint on it, cause it will turn out very natural on your lip. >.< And by the way, it will long last up to 3hours with no eat/drink..

How do you think? Do you like wearing liptint too?? I always said that i dislike the sticky or greasy feeling on my lip, so thats why i prefer wearing tint than lipstick or even lipgloss. Liptint also my life-saver, cause without this ppl will think that im sick or smtg like that, lip tint seriously bright up my tired face ^^ so thats why i love tint soo much ㅋㅋㅋ

I wish that it would be great if lip tint has many shades like lipstick. I always end up buying same shade but with different brand *-* lol. It would be awsome if it has so many shades like NYX round lipstick right, aw, haha just thinkin of it already make me *-* i definitely will collect all of them ㅋㅋㅋ

Have a nice day everyone! Take care ^^~Dont forget to leave comment below!! >.<

Lots of love,

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Etude House Mini Size U Gift Set Review

So lets meet with Etude House Mini Size U series. I was soooo tempting with this series, cause back then my favorite beauty gurus on youtuber, Oiseau88 really love this toner, and always mention this toner on her skincare's videos. Sooo im soo gonna tryin it too, but when i ordered it online, it saying it has been discontinued T.T, so i was like 'no hope' to have a chance to try this line. And when im doing windows shopping on online shop, they have this Gift Set. So i sdfgfdsdfg ordering it. >.<. and wtf i bought 3 set of this lol (you can tell how im soo asds over this line lol)

The packaging sooo cute >.< love it so much!


Sneak peek!!

It contain with 3 kind of stuff: Mini Size U Pore Smoother Serum, Mini Size U Astringent, and Face cotton pad.

So the Mini Size U Pore Smoother Serum come out with 15ml tube and the Mini Size U Astringent come out with 20ml of bottle

left-right: Mini Size U Pore Smoother Serum and Mini Size U Astringent

The Mini Size U Astringent come out with spray bottle so its quite simple. Its really refreshing my skin, even i believe it has a lil bit alcohol on it. My face is kinda have sensitive skin, whenever i put some product which contain alcohol on it, my face will turn out into sdgfdsfg, how to explain that?? People with sensitive skin will know what i mean >.<

Mini Size U Pore Smoother Serum come out with tube like this, and the cream just white.. Its smell nice too not too strong.

Here is the cotton pads, 4 cotton pads to be exact.

So after using this product, I REALLY RECOMMEND YOU ALL TO THIS PRODUCT. WORKS AWSOMEEES!! (excuse for the capslock lol). I have a very big pores back then, and i tried everything already, as you know i've been trying the Etude House Baking Powder Cleanser too, but since i've already have too many cleanser so i rarely use that. Right now, i've been finished 1 set of this, and there are still some more big pores on my cheek, but this set seriously reduce my big pores *-*, back then i can see clearly my big pores, thanks God i met this product ㅋㅋㅋ.

So i recommend you to buy 2 set of this if you want your big pores disappear.

How i use this? I use this after i clean my face in morning and night before sleep. I just put it all over my face, except on the forehead. Astringent first, then the Serum. Wait until it absorb onto your skin.

Price? Its around 55IDR or $6,9. Since its hard to find this set, for Indonesian you can buy it here.

So, i hope it'll help you out! Dont forget to leave comment below ^^ thank you everyone and have a nice day!!

Lots of love,