Monday, 26 March 2012

Review of Baviphat Magic Girl Moist Make-up Fixer (바비펫 매직걸 모이스트 메이크업 픽서)

Hello everybody!! So today im up with the review of Baviphat Magic Girl Moist Make-up Fixer (바비펫 매직걸 모이스트 메이크업 픽서). I picked up this baby from Drolly Pop. Its Online Store that located in Indonesia, i mostly shop from there.

I'm feeling like need to have makeup fixer, cause i dont like to re-touch my makeup whenever im outside, cause i live in a humid place, so its kinda eww to re-touch my makeup like applying compact powder or any kind of that. There're so many kind of makeup fixer's type from any brand too. But, i think this Magic Girl will suit me well, cause it'll moisturizing my face and make my face more fresh, and actually it WORKS MEGA GREAT. Yesterday i was like 7hours in stadium(what we called that?? T.T) to watch the basketball's match, and its veryyy hot outside and inside the stadium, and when i sprayed it over my face, i was just feeling my skin very moist and more fresh.

건조한 피부에 하이루론산, 글리세린, 베타인 등의 다양한 보습제의 함유로 오랜시간 수분을 공급해 주을 유지시겨 줍니다(Hydrating dry skin, glycerin, betaine, and a variety of moisturizers containing a supply of water and make up fixer at the same time)

사용법: 얼굴에서 약 20-30cm 떨어진 곳에서 골고루 분 사하여 줍니다 (Usage: approximately 20-30cm away from the face and left it dry for few minutes)

Its kinda hard to find any information of this product on net, so i need to re-write the korean words (its burdensome cause i hate typing it from my notebook, so i need to type it from my phone, cause its quite easy to write it from my phone T.T and too bad the blogger's application for Android isnt avaiable for anyone who lived in Indonesia, sooo asdfdsasdfgs ah, oot so much. keke sorry)

# cheap comparing with the skinfood's red orange makeup fixer
# really moist my face
# the design quite simple yet elegant, soo baviphat.
# the smell somehow refeshing.

# actually i cant find any, but this makeup fixer come up with 100ml tube, so its kinda inconvient to bring it everywhere.

But overall, love it. ^^~ have a nice day everybody then! Take care.


Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Sariayu Trend Warna 2011 - Exotic Indonesia (The Colors Of Asia) - Petikan Senar Reviews

Hello!! Finally i bought some of Sariayu's eyeshadow collection. Its my first try, since i read some of beauty blogger's post about this palette, and all of them amaze with the pigmented of this eyeshadow. Sariayu is local brand of cosmetic, skincare and bodycare in Indonesia. Its very popular among Indonesian women, but since i have no good relationship with any local brand cause i've like something like allergic while tried some of local brand of skincare when i was young, so from that moment i dont want to give a try any of them. But since its an eyeshadows, i hope it will be okay..

So here they are Sariayu's eyeshadow! I bought this at local drugstore nearby, and wth their salespeople totally asdfgfsasdf make me adfssdffd. Seriously not friendly at all and didnt give any information about it. Sigh.. Thats why korean people who i know ever ask me why salespeople in Indonesia is not friendly, most of store that i went they act cool and rough and didnt gave me any information about the product that i want to buy blah blah blah~~.. I have no idea thou..

So the sariayu that i bought today is from 2011 collection, its Petikan Sitar. Sitar is one of Indonesian instrument. Sariayu always named their product with unique name, they even named their product with animals name, or lake name and etc. So cute thou.. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ. Its consist of 3 colors, 1 eyeshadow applicator and small mirror behind the logo.

Here's the applicator. Cant even use it. Can you see the brush seriously asdffd, cant describe it, when i tried it(the left one) it really not work, and the right one, i only use it to swatch the shadows on my hand.

And here's the swatches. The colors seriously pretty. Dark brown, light gold brown, and pinkish red(?) colors. Lol, something like that. It has a satin finish.. and yea very pigmented! Maybe i'll buy some more colors next time. 

# very pigmented
# its in affordable price, with 40IDR we got 3 pigmented eyeshadow colors

# errr the applicator totally suck
# the packaging loook cheap

Saturday, 17 March 2012

떡볶이과 김밥이 파티 - Korean Food Party and How to Make Kimbap

 (just make it public on my personal facebook account. too lazy to upload it all here)

As i promises, i'm going share my activites last february. So my korean teacher just back from Korea and bought some other things that not avaiable here, and some korean food ingredients. So he's told us how about having korean snacks party this sunday? Me and the others were like YAY!! Who dont love free food. lol.

So that days we made kimbap (korean rolls with seaweed) and ttopukki(korean spicy rice cakes? i dont know the english name of it) eventhou i always make kimbap all by myself oftenly, but this type of kimbap is different, its the very original kimbap from korea, cause it consist yellow radish pickles, fish cakes, and some other things that not avaiable in Indonesia. Too bad i dont have any picture of the ttopukki cause i was busy eating the kimbap T.T, I have some vlog about it, but maybe next next next time im gonna upload it up through my youtube channel, cause i need edit the video first.. 

I will share how to make the kimbap then..

# fishcakes
# carrots
# cucumbers
# spinachs
# yellow radish pickles
# crab stick
# ham
# egg
# rices
# seaweed
# korean salt ( but you can use any kind of salt i think)
# corn syrup
# sesame oil
# sesame seeds
# cooking oil
# sugar

# clean all the carrots cucumbers spinachs crabsticks first
# slices the fishcakes, carrots, cucumbers, yellow radish pickles, crab sticks, ham into small pieces. (my teacher complained us that we cut it way too big in his eyes O.O thou we think we cut it thinly.. lol yea)
# fried the fishcakes and ham. Also make an omellete for the eggs, then slice it into small pieces (as based on pictures)
# for the spinachs boil it and rinse it, then put some i dont remember it clearly but yeaa, put some corn syrup and mix it 
# mix the rice with korean salt, and if im not wrong with sugar, then mix it.(i need to watch the videos again cause i forgot most of the things)
# then put the seaweed on kimbap's roll add some rice on it, add the other ingredients, and roll, roll roll it.
# after that put some sesame oil maybe (still forgot but its an oil based something like that) and sprinkle some sesame seeds on it
# slice it, finish!!

PS: i just finished make Korean Red Bean Paste Bread or 단팥빵 haha. i'll share the photos on next post *..* ah my blog is soo randoms..

Dita ^^~

Friday, 16 March 2012

The Face Shop Peeling Day Water in Pomegranate Review

So i just remember that i make 3 reviews post on draft here, so i'll post one of them. Its The Face Shop Peeling Day Water in Pomegranate. I bought this at TFS store here, and seriously expensive. I cant remember the exact price but maybe more than 130IDR something like that. Its 120ml, and i've been use this since maybe 7-8months ago and still have some left. I've using this once a week to peel of my dead skin on my face.

Its actually come out with 3 variants, which are:
Peeling Day -Honey Black Sugar
Peeling Day -Water in Pomegranate
Peeling Day -White Jewel
with only cost maybe not over than 110IDR in online shop.

Its for hydrated skin. I dont know, from what i heard hydrated skin is an healthy skin, but we must take care of our hydrated skin and remove the deadcells to make our skin more hydrated. Okay stop with the babbling.. Here's below the swatches

Its water based like they said on the tube, a white watery gell with red granules/particles on it. But, if we rub it on our skin, the red thingy will dissapear.

# smell very fresh
# works great
# very moisture the skin

# the price on the store

Buy again? Yes, i'm planning to buy another variant of it.
FYI, for skincare, i more believe and enjoy with The Face Shop's product overall. After use this, i always apply The Face Shop Seaweed Pack, i'll post the reviews about it later. Hehe.. Thank you everyone. Have a great weekend! See ya!


Thursday, 8 March 2012

My New Schedule Planner (≧∇≦)/

Good night! Just back home from today classes.. Its so much fun, by the way today i had lunch with my friends from high school and until now at some Italian restaurant lol.. :p, then after that i went to bookstore to pick up some schedule planner, because i think i need this thing to records my activities and something like that yeaa, so i bought this little cute baby.. its Pink, baby pink, the design seriously mega cute, and when you look the inside its seriously maaaad cuteeeeeeeee.. I cant even describe it.

As you can see, page by page has different little picture, and actually its a story about a girl and her dog's life.. interesting!! and also the story written in Korean, so we can also learn it. mehehe.. enough to say, you can just click the picture below to see more clearer picture.

Thank you ^^~ talk to you guys later on~

March early hauls - Etude House, The Face Shop and Tony Moly

Hello beauties! Im kinda lazy these days to blogging, so this is the early march hauls.. just bought some. like Etude House Silk Scarf Shampoo, Etude House 66BigEye Line Charm, The Face Shop Clean Face Acne Solution Foam Cleansing, 2 Tony Moly Tony Tint in red apple and cherry pink, and some free samples. and also i pick up the Etude House Drawing Eyebrow in no. 2 but thats my mom's so i just give it to her already..

Here's the backup of my holy shampoo from Etude House.. i thought im running out of this but seriously i still have half of this even i've been use it since 6/7months ago. I'm in love with this shampoo, you can read my review here this is my 2nd purchase of this shampoo.

Here's also my asdfdsdf everything, The Face Shop Clean Face Acne Solution Foam Cleansing. i really love this cleanser.. i use this every single days and i just running out of this, i've been using this much of tube for more than 6months. Its cheap if you buy from online shop, but if you buy this at their store in Indonesia, the price totally asdffdsdf make me mad. But i really love this cleanser more than any cleanser that i've ever use.

Here's for the lip tint maniac. I bought 2 tony moly tony tint in Cherry Pink and Red Apple. I own the cherry pink one, and the red one actually is my friend's.. i'll do some review about this soon.. I heard so many good thing aboug this product, so why dont we try it? ㅋㅋㅋ

This is my eye-life-saver.. its Etude House 66 BigEye Line Charm. OMG, finally i bought this. this is super mega cheap than the japanese product one that i forgot the name.. since my right and left eyelid is seriously different, so i want to try this baby out..

Thats all for today.. See you soon!!